Happy New Year 2012

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Can't believe that it's 2012 already, 2011 absolutely flew by. I've not been very active on the blog the past year but as a resolution I've decided to be a bit more active in the new year and hopefully get a post out every week even if it's a small one and not just about being nerdy. Quite a lot happened in 2011 for me, earlier in the year I bought a house with my girlfriend in Chorley, I started working reduced hours at my full time employment in Manchester so that I now have Fridays free to do my own freelance work which has been going quite well. Cheeky plug but if you're after a PHP developer or someone who knows CakePHP then look no further, hire me :) Then at the the end of year I got engaged to my girlfriend of 3 years and we're now in the stages of planning a wedding. It seems it's all the rage now adays as most of my local friends are hitched or will be at the end of 2012 so it's about time I got on the bandwagon!

Project wise I managed to release 2 apps which were TV Show Tracker & Film Tracker which are both going well and they're both being used quite frequently by myself to keep track of the shows & films that I'm watching. If you're interested or obsessed with them as much as I am give them a whirl as they are quite useful and work on mobile devices so you don't need to be infront of a pc to tick stuff off. I also managed to get my company's website (Double Ace Design) off the ground and that's looking pretty good although like here I do need to update more often.

In the new year I've got a few goals in mind, one of which is a new redesign & recode of this site. Had something in the pipeline for a while now but just not got round to finishing it off. I'm currently creating a site for my brother so will jump onto my personel stuff after that depending on client work. Got a few ideas for my TV Show and films apps involving gamification which could be interesting, just need to flesh out the idea and start on the development. Could be a nice incentive for people to sign up and keep active. I also need to create a few more CodeCanyon scripts and possibly venture into design mockups and HTML/CSS designs (all responsive of course) and maybe even Wordpress themes. With regards to Double Ace Design I have plans of creating my own CMS so that small sites could be setup very quickly and charge a recurring revenue. Need to put in more thought on how this would work but once the majority of code is done I would then be able to approach clients with this in the bag.

Really looking forward to 2012, it's going to be a busy one with upto 6 weddings, a few stag dos, a nice 2 week holiday in Cuba and much more to come. Hope you've had a good 2011 and all the best for 2012!

Posted on 6th January 2012
7 years, 1 month, 2 weeks, 4 days ago

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