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Being an avid TV Show watcher I sometimes lose track of what I'm watching and in particular the episodes I've seen and the episodes I need to watch. I have a PlayOnHD hooked up in my living room which plays pretty much everything I throw at it however the interface is a bit lacking and I'm unable to mark which items I've seen.

Being a web developer I decided to quickly throw something together that will help me keep track of the shows I'm watching and tick off episodes once watched. I wanted it to be accessible from my iPhone & Ipad so I could tick watched episodes from the sofa and overall having it look pretty slick. Within a few weeks I had a working prototype on a personal subdomain which worked well and fufilled the need of tracking my shows.

With the app being useful for me I figured it may be useful for other people, that and plans of world domination in mind I started working on a multi-user version that will allow users to create an account and start to track all their shows from one place. After a few more weeks work I proudly present my TV Show Tracker (TVST) application. Registration is free for a 7 day trial and after that you can support the application and continue using it for a one time only flat fee of £10.

What's it built with?

Being an advocate of CakePHP I used the framework to get up and running quite quickly with my previous admin template and baked some CRUD code to get me going. I'm using MySQL as the database backend as that is what I'm familiar with.

To get the actual TV Show information I'm hooking up with API which I've used previously on a small script I'm selling on CodeCanyon. Getting Show information and images is relatively easy and works extremely well for this purpose.

The site design is very minimal and was built with the iPhone & iPad in mind. It uses the Skeleton CSS framework which makes use of CSS Media Queries to change the layout depending on the screen width. Test it in action by resizing the browser or use an iPhone/iPad when using the TV Show Tracker App. This was one of the main features I had planned from the start and I think it works and looks really good at different screen sizes.


  • Track your TV Shows from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Optimised for mobile devices, specifically the iPhone & iPad
  • Change Show Images using your browers
  • Really easy to tick/untick whole seasons and individual episodes
  • Displays upcoming Shows
  • Hide past Seasons
  • Archive Shows to hide them from view
  • Settings page to show hidden Seasons/Shows

Why Charge?

I've spent quite a lot of time building & polishing the app and if it's something people will use on a regular basis like I do then I thought it would be worth something. It isn't much for a lifetime one off payment and some people will unfortunately be put off by it but stick with me and give it a try.

I have tried a number of different solutions such as Episodes on the iPhone, and I'm aware of web apps like Sickbeard with SabNZB but they're either too simple (Episodes) or too complicated to setup and use (Sickbeard). Hopefully TV Show Tracker addresses all those concerns by being easy to use and accessible from any web device.

At the end of the day I'm a TV Show addict and I think I've created something really useful for people like me, like & use the app and want to support it's development then dip into your wallet. For £10 the app will be online for as long as I'm living, there are TV shows to watch and API is up and functional.

What's next

If you have any ideas that will make the app better then leave a comment or contact me directly, currently the only feature that I can think of implementing is a reccomendation engine that suggests new Shows based on other Users with the same Shows, but if you're a TV nerd you wont need them as you'll already know what's good.

Sign up for free and give the app a whirl, I'm eager to hear your thoughts and if you have any feedback good or bad just let me know.

Posted on 1st July 2011
7 years, 7 months, 3 weeks, 2 days ago

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