Loading CakePHP Models Inside Other Models

Really quick tip that I'm always looking up is how to load CakePHP Models from within another Model, this is currently using version 2.x

// the other model to load & use
App::uses('AnotherModel', 'Model');

class MyModel extends AppModel {

	public $name = 'MyModel';
	public function test() {
		// load the Model
		$anotherModel = new AnotherModel();
		// use the Model

Instead of declaring uses at the top you can also import the Model class when you want to use it:

$anotherModel = new AnotherModel();

Other ways can be found in this StackOverflow answer but I generally use the first method above.

Posted on 18th January 2013
6 years, 1 month, 6 days ago

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