Music Artist/Track Search & Request Script music artist track search and request script

I've been a user for quite a number of years and with the release of their API (I'm aware this was yonks ago) I wanted an excuse to have a play and get to use it, I'm getting married next year with the intention of setting up a Wedding website where family & friends can visit to get infomation about the day. I thought it would be a cool idea to create an online script where people can request songs for the evening party and thus this script was born. I guess it can be used for any party really where you want to collect song requests in order to create a playlist that will appeal to people involved.

I wanted a really simple way of either searching for an Artist and getting a list of their top tracks or searching for a specific track and be able to request it. To keep things simple I've got 2 fields, one for the Artist and the other for the track. Once you start typing the jQuery UI Autocomplete comes into play and sends an Ajax request to my script which will query the API and bring back an appropriate list of tracks. After that users will be able to request tracks again via Ajax and the top requested tracks table will refresh with their request.

I've integration the YouTube API so that when tracks are requested a search is done to get the most relevant video for that track. When a visitor first comes to the page the videos are loaded in requested order and will automatically begin to play, once one finishes the next one is loaded via Javascript. I've used the Skeleton CSS framework to make the site responsive and usable on mobile & tablet devices. I've started to do this for all my projects and I'm a big advocate of the Responsive Web Design technique.

For a working demo click here and to download the full source click here. Any issues or comments get in touch by leaving a comment.

Posted on 24th February 2012
7 years ago

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