The Shield

The Shield Boxset

As a Christmas present my wonderful girlfriend bought me the box set of the superb TV show The Shield which includes the full 7 seasons presented in a very delicious box which acts a police case folder with cool separators for each of the seasons.

Other than The Wire if I had to recommend a gritty cop drama that actually left viewers with a worthwhile conclusion The Shield would be it. Each season contains around 12 episodes with a major plot arc through each one along with a huge plot arc throughout the entire show and events that happen in the very first episode come back in the final season with devestating effects.

The Shield Boxset The Shield Boxset The Shield Boxset

Have a look at the episode guide and then do yourself a favour and get it bought on amazon

Posted on 4th February 2010
9 years, 2 weeks, 6 days ago

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