TV Show Highlights of 2011

TV Show Highlights 2011

Last week was films, this week is TV Shows. Here's my pick of some of the best TV Shows I've been watching (and keeping track of) so if you've got some free time or need a new show to watch then look no further! Will hopefully be more active in reviewing new shows this year as I keep up my writing and can then use them next year when it comes to another yearly review!

American Horror Story

American Horror Story Backdrop

I'm relatively new to American Horror Story, watched the first one by myself and wanted to get my girlfriend Jen involved, she wasn't to enthused at first but I persisted and got us watching the pilot. We're both big fans now! Can't really think of a TV Show which has done horror before and this is just something so new and different, it's well written, great cast, super acting and overall really bloody creepy which I love! Completely different direction from the creators & writers of Glee and it's gone down a storm. Looking for something different then give this a try, I myself can't wait to see how the story unfolds!

4/5 Stars


Boss Backdrop

Not sure where I heard about Boss, decided to give it a whirl due to the fact that Kelsey Grammar is the main star and boy am I glad I did! A tough and gritty political drama based in Chicago, where Grammar is the Major. We learn in the first episode that he has a serious degenerative disorder which he withholds from everyone and the story arcs as he tries to remain in control of himself and his city. Great cast and a superb story which reminds me of the West Wing but has produced a bastard child by making sweet love to the Sopranos. Grammar is simply outstanding as the tough Major and definitely a show to get into.

4/5 Stars

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Backdrop

An absolutely massive hit from last year was this epic fantasy drama based on the books by George RR Martin, I saw the show first and immediately went out and got the books. I've read the first 3 now and completely hooked on everything todo with the large scale fantasy land. The show does tremendous justice to the books in every detail and the characters are lifted straight from the page. The politics involved with the story is so grand in scale it's sometimes difficult to comprehend and the back stories of each house and their allegiance is just crazy detailed. Big fan of the show, bigger fan of the books just get to it and start watching if you're not involved, you won't be disappointed!

5/5 Stars


Homeland Backdrop

Bit of a ringer this one as I've only seen the first few episodes but wow what a few they were. Starring Damian Lewis (who I'm a huge fan of by the way, he's a legend in Band of Brothers & superb in Life) & Claire Danes it's the story of the CIA after 9/11 and the finding of a solider (Lewis) who has been in captivity for over 10 years and she believes him to be a turned mole working for the baddies. As I say I've only started watching however I'm definitely going to stick with it as it's got loads of promise and I hopefully won't be let down!

4/5 Stars


Luther Backdrop

Wow how on earth did I miss this one! Luther is basically a UK detective show involving particularly gruesome and violent crimes, a bit cliche with Luther being a brilliant but flawed investigator played by Idris Elba who recently won a golden globe for his portrayal of the character and rightly so because he is absolutely fantastic! Very british with an amazing supporting cast make the show very compelling and literally edge of the seat viewing. If you enjoy cop shows then please give this a chance. I heard good things about the show when the 1st season was airing but I didn't listen, so glad I picked it up again as I boshed s1&s2 within a few weeks on my commutes to/from work.

5/5 Stars


Misfits Backdrop

Another UK show which made the list, Misfits was such a breath of fresh air when it first came out, a very normal take on the whole "people with powers" story that's been done so many times before. With a likable and diverse cast with a differnt story for each episode and an overall arc throughout s1 & s2 it's extremely well written and incredibly funny. Thought the third season was going to suffer with the absense of Nathan (Robert Sheehan) who was THE stand out character but the addition of Rudy (Joesph Gilgun) completely made up for it and the third season was an absolute blast. Rumours of it being remade for american TV should only highlight the fact that this is one show not to be missed. Extremely funny, quite rude, well written and great characters with some truely bizarre super powers (a guy who has the ability to control dairy products for example and does so to kill people!)

4/5 Stars

Other notable mentions from the past year that I've been watching include Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Modern Family & Community. I've always been a big fan of Breaking Bad but season 4 was absolutely amazing! The others are all quite old running past their debut seasons however I only started watching them last year and loving them all. Lots of recommendations but if you've the time and inclination then try and get hold of them.

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