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Medium is a great place for content, combined with the lovely easy interface for writing it seemed a great place to put all your publications. As they've grown and started to try to make money (as they should) things have become a little more restrictive. Paid subscriptions, pay walls, etc urgh. It's not what it used to be and people are moving away. Having said that the reach & exposure of Medium can still be useful and so cross posting is possible and this is how.

Importing into Medium is possible, instead of writing a new story there's an Import a story button next to the Write a story button on the stories page. Enter your blog post URL and Medium will scrape the post and populate their editor. You're then free to make changes, add tags, change publication settings and finally publish. The benefit of doing it this way and importing the post rather than posting 2 separate posts is that Medium kindly use a canonical tag pointing to your original post meaning that you won't be penalised for duplicate content with search engines which is super important!

Existing Posts

DHH has been vocal regarding Medium in the past and once delighted in moving their Signal v Noise Blog to the platform outlining their reasons here. However they've since moved back at the start of the year and recommend against using Medium for new posts (especially as they have stopped supporting custom domains). Others have also moved away and both of those had early custom domain support so migrating away was pain free being able to setup redirects back to their original blogs.

If you have old Medium posts without the custom domain, as I do, things are bit more tricky. You are able to export your content but the result is a jumbled mess of HTML files. I saw some Wordpress plugins that you can use to import to a Wordpress blog which is useful if you're on that platform.

Currently I'm literally copying & pasting content into my new Markdown format and will gradually publish them here. The issue I have is what todo with existing posts on Medium. At some point in the past it looks like it was possible to backdate posts which doesn't seem possible now which is frustrating. I've reached out to support to see if they can add canonical tags to existing posts pointing back to my post so we'll see.


For new posts it looks like the best option is to post on your personal blog and then import the post into Medium a few weeks later. Hopefully the search engines will pick up your post first and be given the real good SEO magic juice and then can be picked up on Medium as a cross post for that lovely Medium reach.